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Become an Affiliate in South Africa

Have you got a website or blog and would like to start earning money from it? It is easier than you think and joining an affiliate network for free is one of the first steps to starting to advertise and earn money online. We have put together a list of some excellent affiliate programs worth joining in RSA, simply keep reading and sign up in just a few minutes.


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OfferForge is another affiliate network with a mainly South African focus and offers a wide variety of different programs across most verticals. Whether you are looking for finance and loans, online shopping, B2B, insurance, property, technology, forex trading or just about anything else you are sure to find it here. Sign up is easy and the range of programs means that you will almost definitely find something to match your website or blog theme. If you are looking for another affiliate program to join in RSA then it is a good choice, sign up now at

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Another affiliate company worth joining in South Africa is who offer a much wider and more varied range of programs to join. Whether you are looking for loans, online shopping, insurance, mobile specific offers, travel, used car sales, online competitions and surveys or trading they should have something to meet your requirements and more. Sign up is simple and along with South Africa specific offers there are also offers which you can promote in other countries. If your blog or website attracts visitors RSA and other countries then it is definitely worth signing up, see what is on offer at


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Do you want to make extra money from your website without having to place a lot of banners or perhaps alongside banners? Selling text links could be an option to consider and MageNet offer an easy way for you to sell links on your website. Sign up and choose between manual or automatic placement and you will receive payment for displaying the link on your website even if no one clicks on them. It is an easy way to earn money from your website or blog without having to place a lot of banners and also allows you to choose relevant links which may be of benefit to your visitors, sign up now at

Affiliate Network

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Looking for programs related to finance in South Africa to advertise on your website? Affiliate Network is an excellent choice if you are looking for programs for loans, car finance, cell phone contracts, home loans, credit reports and more. Sign up is easy and payments are made on time every month. If you have a website with traffic related to finance, loans or have users with related interests then definitely an affiliate company worth joining. Please note that your website traffic must be from RSA, sign up today at


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For more programs worth advertising in RSA then AdMarula offers many premium advertisers you are not likely to find on other networks. As such screening of your website(s) may be more strict and you have to request approval for all programs once you are joined before you can advertise. If you are looking for high-end companies and well-known brands to promote in South Africa then you are sure to find them here and payouts are on time. You will something to advertise in just about all verticals for your website or blog. Why not get more information or sign up to day at
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