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If you have any kind of credit problems or are blacklisted in most cases you will probably be declined when you apply at the bank for vehicle finance. Not having a car can make life much more difficult and independent car finance may be the answer you have been looking for. Easy Car Finance is here to help and work with different lending companies in South Africa to help you get finance for a car, bakkie, motorbike, van or truck if you need it, even with bad credit or if blacklisted. All partner companies are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and are compliant with National Credit Act (NCA) regulations which means that you are guaranteed responsible lending practices and transparent fee structure. Anyone that is employed and earning a salary can apply and the experienced finance consultants will do their best to help, if possible. With the correct documentation your loan could be processed and paid within 24 hours during business hours and if you are wanting to refinance a vehicle they may also be able to help. Don't let a low credit score prevent you from driving a new or second hand car when you may qualify, apply today at
Anyone can apply and get pre-approval for your car finance easily in just a few minutes with Easy Car Finance and if you are approved and accept the finance offer your money will be paid to you shortly afterwards if you bank with a major bank in South Africa. To be able to apply online you will need to be employed and earning a salary with an active bank account as well as have a valid South African Identity Number, email address and contact number. You can apply if you are blacklisted or have bad credit however applications will not be considered if your under debt review or administration. If you are in need of a vehicle and have not been able to get a loan to buy one then why not see how they can help you, apply now at

Shop on Credit in RSA @ RCS

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Want to buy something and can't afford it or don't ever have enough for your monthly groceries? Shopping on credit with RCS Card in RSA could be an option and anyone who is over the age of 18, employed and earning a salary can apply online in just a few minutes. As a registered credit provider in South Africa you are guaranteed responsible lending practices and easy to understand fee structure and the RCS card is accepted at a wide range of stores around the country. The cards offers flexible repayment terms as well as a revolving facility and is an easy way to help you be able to shop on credit. If you do not want to take a loan from the bank though need a little extra cash for shopping or to buy something special then why not apply today and see if you qualify at
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Get Free Credit Reports @ Credit Report SA

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Stuck not knowing your credit score, have credit problems and want to improve your credit rating making it easier to be approved for loans and other finance? Credit Report SA is here to help anyone in RSA who would like to see their credit rating get it for free using a sponsorship model. Knowing what your credit score is can help you better understand why you are declined by companies when you apply and help you work out ways in which you can improve your credit rating. The basic service is free with no obligation and is an easy way to help you get a credit report in South Africa. Don't spend any more time worrying about what your credit score is when you don't have to, complete the short online form today and see how they can help you at is not a loans or finance provider, we offer free information and referral to other companies.