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Pawn Assets for Money RSA @ Lamna

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Many people are just not able to get a loan due to being unemployed, not earning enough or having a very poor credit rating. Lamna is here to help anyone in South Africa that needs a loan get one using assets as collateral (security) for the loan. This means that no credit checks or proof of employment is required and you can get your good(s) back once the loan has been repaid in full plus interest and fees. The range of assets which you can lend against is wide including cars, art, antiques, jewellery, gold, diamonds, luxury watches and just about anything else of value that has been fully paid (no firearms or electronics). If you are wanting to loan using property as security or are looking for bridging finance then apply at Borrow Online who may be able to help. With the correct documents your loan can be processed and paid within 24 hours and your asset(s) will be stored in a secure location until you have repaid your loan. If you have not considered a secured loan why not see how they can help you today at
Lamna is a registered credit provider with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and you are guaranteed responsible lending practices as well as no hidden fees when you take out a loan. To apply simply visit the website, complete the form and provide information regarding the asset(s) you would like to loan against or apply over the phone. A consultant will contact you during business hours to get more information and make you a loan offer. If you would like to go ahead with the loan then you will need to take your asset into to be assessed and if approved your loan will be paid to you immediately. There are offices located around the country and the consultants will do their best to help you, contact them today at

Secured Loans with No Credit Checks @ Lamna

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Need a loan in South Africa with no credit checks or banks involved? Lamna may be able to help you and offer a range of secured loan options using assets you own that are fully paid as security. If you own a car, jewellery, art, antiques, gold, a boat, a motorcycle, luxury watches or anything else that has value you may be able to use it as security for a loan. Simply visit enter your details and a consultant will contact you during office hours to discuss your options and make you a loan offer. Your assets are stored securely until you have repaid the loan and will then be returned to you. Alternatively if your loan is not repaid the asset is simply sold to recover costs. If you need a loan and haven't been able to get one why not consider a secured loan, apply today at
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Quick Cash Loans Online @ Lime24

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Looking for a cash loan today with easy application online in just a few minutes? Lime Credit may be able to help you and offer cash loans from R300 to R5,000 with instant application and decision online. Simply enter your details online, apply and your application will be processed automatically in under 5 minutes. There are no hidden fees and if approved the money will be paid into your bank account the same day. There is also a Loyalty Program and if you continue to use the service and repay your loans on time you will enjoy discounted loan rates. Don't waste any more time looking for a loan, apply online right now and see if you qualify at

Easy, Secure & Fast Money Transfers @ NETELLER

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Do you need a safe and secure way to send or receive money online in South Africa or around the world in different currencies? NETELLER may be an option to consider and offer one of the world's leading money transfer services. Signup is free and once your account is created you will be able to make quick and easy withdrawls or deposits at many popular websites, send money and make secure payments around the world. Note that there are fees per transaction so read all applicable information. If you have been looking for a secure online money transfer service that is available in South Africa then consider signing up today at
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